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Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester FAQ Product Usage

1. How much saliva should I place on the lens?

Your saliva sample should fully cover the lens.  With a clean dry finger tip, place a drop of saliva onto the sample plate and spread a layer ensuring that you cover the entire surface. 

2. How do I clean the Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester? 

Clean the sample plate with the lint-free cloth that is provided. NEVER apply water directly to the sample plate or viewfinder. If the dried saliva is hard to remove, moisten the cloth only with a small drop of water.

The light is not working or I need to change the batteries.

If the light suddenly stops working or only works at times please follow the instructions below to adjust the batteries.

Adjusting the batteries:

  1. Unlock the base by turning the light housing (grey end of Maybe Baby diagram, part 4) anti-clockwise.
  2. Gently remove housing. 
  3. Remove the coloured plastic protective covering enclosing the batteries (the coloured plastic can be thrown away as it does not need to be re-inserted). 
  4. Remove the batteries. 
  5. Wipe gently with a cloth/tissue.
  6. Insert the batteries positive (flat) side towards the light bulb. 
  7. Check the light by pressing down the light switch.
  8. If the light is working, replace the base and lock it into position by turning clockwise. 
  9. If the light is not working check that the batteries are both placed with the flat side facing the light bulb. 

If adjusting the batteries is not enough, you may need to change them.

The batteries can be replaced with LR44/SR44/AG13 batteries. These are available from yoru local pharmacy or a watch repair shop.

I can't get the lens completely clean

The lens may never look totally blank- you may see small dust particles. These will not affect the picture once your saliva sample is on the lens.

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