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Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester FAQ Interpreting Results

My pattern doesn’t look the same as the pictures in this guide

The patterns in this leaflet are a guide only and your pattern may not look the same. As women produce different levels of oestrogen, fern patterns may vary in appearance. However, the patterns you see should be distinct.

The image through my viewfinder is blurry

Rotate the eyepiece from side to side to focus the lens until the image becomes clear.

Ensure that you have applied the saliva to the correct area – the saliva sample plate is the clear flat surface at the end of the viewfinder.

I can’t see a pattern or only see a very sparse pattern

Ensure that you have applied enough saliva to the saliva sample plate. The saliva sample must be completely dry (10-15 minutes) The sample plate should look shiny when wet and matte when dry.

My pattern resembles scratches

Ensure that you are holding the Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester up very close to your eye.

I see ferns every time

Ensure you have not had anything to eat or drink (except water) for 3 hours before using your Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester. Women with higher oestrogen levels may see ferning for longer than expected.

I only see the transitional pattern but no full ferning

Women with lower oestrogen levels may not see full ferning if oestrogen (and so salt) levels are not sufficient to produce large crystals (ferns). You can still identify your most fertile phase as this peak in oestrogen levels indicates ovulation.

I see no ferning at all

Women with lower oestrogen levels may not see any ferning as oestrogen (and salt) levels may not be sufficient to produce the larger crystals (ferns).  If you still have not seen any ferns after 2 months of use, try testing at a different time of day. Some women find that they have stronger results at different times of the day.

Once you find a time that is suitable for you, you should continue to test at this time to be consistent.

I see ferning outside the appropriate time in my cycle

It is not uncommon to see ferning close to menstruation. If this occurs, the ferning should be disregarded. Instead, look out for the ferning that appears 12 – 16 days before your next period.

Can breastfeeding or other conditions affect my results?

Anything that can affect your oestrogen levels such as breastfeeding, pregnancy, contraceptive pill and fertility drugs can affect the results obtained. It is best to wait at least 2 natural cycles after stopping contraceptive pills or fertility drugs before relying on the results of the Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester.

If you suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), you should consult your healthcare professional for further advice. 

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